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Join the Rotary Club of Nanaimo Daybreak in celebrating 25 years of service

Our Daybreak Rotary Club has just turned 25, and we want to celebrate! In the past 25 years we have done many fundraisers and supported many deserving Nanaimo organizations in their work. This year we are replicating our very first fundraiser from 25 years ago with our 25 for 25 Challenge. We also want to use this opportunity to shine a light on the work of 25 of our community service organizations and encourage you to support them through your pledges and donations.

The 25 for 25 Challenge!

We are putting out a challenge to all of Nanaimo, virtually, of course, due to COVID-19, to complete 25 kms on Nanaimo’s gorgeous trail system over the period from May 25th to June 25th. We hope you’re getting the 25th meme here! We want to encourage you to get out and walk, hike, run or cycle and enjoy our city and especially its parks and trails. As with any challenge, there is a registration fee, which will be split equally amongst our 25 featured organizations.  And there will also be participation prizes!

The second part is the call to support our organizations. They all do tremendous work in our community and deserve our continuing support. We are asking that you consider a donation to your choice of one or more of these organizations, either by a pledge based on your accumulated kms or by a direct donation. Below are links to each organization where you can use their donation page to support them. You’ll receive a tax receipt from the designated organization for any additional donation!

HERE’S THE BIG NEWS! Daybreak Rotary will match the first $1000 of donations to each one of these organizations. YES, we’re investing $25,000 in our Nanaimo community and we are asking you to support that investment.

Want to make a Donation to one of the 25 for 25 organizations? Click on a logo and you will be taken to their Donation page.

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