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COVID-19 Phase 3 Update: Our weekly Wednesday 7AM meetings are back in person at our new location, Nanaimo Golf Club. If you aren’t quite ready to attend in person, you can still attend via Zoom until further notice.

Click here: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/93873975419 to join our meeting via Zoom.

Upcoming Events



We in Rotary are committed to keeping this event as safe as possible for both the members of the public who will attend, and the volunteers who will serve them. These protocols are in keeping with current expectations and guidance from the Provincial Health Officer, and are required for any gatherings of more than 10 people.

If you are bringing paper for shredding:

  • You will be asked to provide contact information – your name and a phone number.
  • Please wear a mask! We will have a supply if you need one! You will be protecting us and as a result reduce the chances that you will be affected!
  • Please do not get out of your vehicle. Our volunteers will remove the paper containers on your direction.
  • Please use a debit or a credit card for payment if at all possible. We will have TAP available. We will accept cash, but we will not be able to return any change to you. We will be pleased to consider your change as an extra donation. Thank you!

If you are a volunteer at this event:

  • Wearing a mask at all times is mandatory. Masks will be available if necessary.
  • Sanitizer and a hand-washing facility will be available. Please use these frequently.
  • Don’t touch your face!
  • Please make every effort to maintain a physical distance of two metres from other volunteers and members of the public. Where this is not feasible, please move away as soon as possible.
  • Remember – for every known case of the virus, there are at least ten asymptomatic people out there!

Happy Birthday, Rotary! A Message from Mayor Leonard Krog

Join Us!

Be our guest! We meet for breakfast on Wednesdays at 7am at Nanaimo Golf Club, 2800 Highland Blvd, Nanaimo.

Weekly Meetings

Our weekly meetings feature a new speaker on topics of interest to Rotarians, our city, and general subjects. We strive to provide an excellent program to keep our members informed and enlightened on the world.

Weekly Wakeup

Here you’ll find a recap of our last meeting and what to expect at the next.

Weekly Wakeup

Rotary Club of Nanaimo Daybreak

We are the service organization of choice with a dynamic, action-oriented club whose contributions improve
lives in our community and communities worldwide.

Community Service


Community Service pertains to those activities which Rotarians undertake to improve the quality of life in their community.

Clubs sponsor such activities as community beautification, drug abuse prevention, aid to the elderly and leadership training for youth.

International Service


The purpose of International Service is to foster better international relations and to assist developing countries.

Presently we are working on projects in Guatemala in the villages around Lake Atitlan, and Sunyani Ghana with the Sunyani Elementary School and Korkors Medical Clinic.



Rotary is an international membership organization made up of people who share a passion for and commitment to enhancing communities and improving lives across the globe.

For more information on joining Rotary and helping your community click the link below.

What is Rotary

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