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Nov 30th Meeting CANCELLED

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Nanaimo Daybreak!

We are back to meeting in person! Come out and join us for breakfast on Wednesdays at 7am at our new location, Nanaimo Golf Club, 2800 Highland Blvd, Nanaimo. Many members arrive at 6:30am for pre-meeting social time to catch up with friends.

We also offer hybrid meetings via zoom. If you would like to join us via zoom, please contact our club secretary () for the link and password.

Our weekly meetings feature a new speaker on topics of interest to Rotarians, our city, and general subjects. We strive to provide an excellent program to keep our members informed and enlightened on our community and our world.

Upcoming Events

**Remember to RSVP for breakfast by noon on the Monday preceding a meeting.**

Weekly Bulletins

Meeting Location

Nanaimo Golf Club
2800 Highland Blvd
Nanaimo, BC   V9S 3N8
[ map ]

The Four Way Test

Christmas Families

Please remember that this is a wish list and not a shopping list.

Just like the last couple of years, it would be my pleasure to do the shopping for the families. If you would prefer to donate some $$ rather than shop, please eTransfer me at .

I’m hoping to have everything done by December 10/11 as drop off date is Dec 15th.

~ Jodi

CIN # 11

Zake – 5 year old boy

  • wears size 5
  • shoe size 10
  • pjs, socks, mitts, hoodie
  • remote control car, sports stuff, play doh, arts & crafts,

Jase – 8 year old boy

  • wears size 8
  • shoe size 2
  • track pants, socks, mitts,  slippers,
  • enjoys soccer, sport activities, arts & crafts

Khloe – 10  years old girl

  • wears size 12
  • shoe size 4
  • joggers, Seattle Seahawks toque, mitts, soccer,
  • fidget toys, arts & crafts

Kira – 14  year old girl

  • wears size ladies medium
  • shoe size  7
  • pjs, mitts
  • arts & crafts, make up, neon or led lights for room


  • wears size large
  • shoe size 8
  • pjs slippers
  • bath products (not cherry)

Additional ideas:

  • blankets
  • bath products
  • toiletries,
  • slippers
  • PJs
  • $10 gift cards (Subway / Tim Hortons) for lunches / snacks
  • movie passes
  • rec centre passes
  • Groceries appreciated

FNMR # 11

Isler  9  year old boy

  • wears mens small or youth 14/16
  • shoe size 4
  • slippers, hoodies, joggers, long sleeved teeshirts, boxer briefs, winter jacket
  • likes science stuff, pokemon, crafts, lego

Addisun – 12 year old girl

  • wears ladies XS
  • shoe size 5 slippers
  • likes sparkly clothes, hoodie, leggings, socks, briefs
  • arts & crafts, face masks, Danny Devito poster, purple or blue fuzzy blanket

Kayden 16 year old boy

  • wears Mens’ Large
  • shoe size 9
  • Van style runners, boots, likes tye died clothes, hoodies, boxer briefs, winter jacket
  • enjoys drawing/sketching, crocheting, stranger things, likes trolls/fairies/crystals

Kostin – 20 year old male (chronic illness)

  • wears mens medium
  • comfy clothes (burgundy favourite colour), pjs, socks, boxer briefs
  • likes dungeons and dragons, pokemon, hygiene products


  • wears 1 XL
  • Shoe size 10
  • comfy clothes, robe, slippers
  • bath products, coffee/tea, set of watercolours

** note ** mom was in car accident and is in wheelchair with limited mobility – would greatly appreciate groceries which the children can prepare as oldest son has chronic and mental health issues

Additional ideas:

  • blankets
  • bath products
  • toiletries,
  • slippers
  • PJs
  • $10 gift cards (Subway / Tim Hortons) for lunches / snacks
  • movie passes
  • rec centre passes
  • Groceries appreciated

Peace International High School Completion Project, Nyanza Rwanda


Their motto shall be ours.
The fundamental reason of this project is to put Peace-Loving, very deserving children into High School. They are ready. They have studied their way through their grades — we just need to complete these last few details of their High School building. Thanks to all of you both here and there.  Read Latest Report

Support the Peace International School cause:

Money orders and Cheques payable to “Emmanuel Community Reformed Church”

Emmanuel Community Church
6505-140 Ave NW
Edmonton AB, T5A 1H1
Attention: PIS High School Completion Fund

Etransfers payable to:
Please indicate that your donation is to be put towards the Peace International High School Completion Fund

For Further information, please contact Gordon Graham at

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